If you enjoy the work that I produce and want to help support its continued existence, then you can support me on Patreon!

My Patreon allows me to work towards new projects as I hit stretch goals, and keep in touch with people interested in my work. Keep an eye on it for any updates to what I'm working on.

Amazon Wish List

If Patreon's monthly subscription isn't your speed, then there are other ways to support my work! I keep an Amazon Wish List if you ever want to kick something my way.

However, this isn't for gifts primarily. It's a broad wish list of games and films I might be interested in writing about. If you say so on your Gift Note, I'll write about my experience with whatever you sent my way. It's an easy way to commission pieces from me if that's something you'd like to do!


Or, more simply, you can also send one-off donations to my Paypal, at paypal.me/headfallsoff.

As always, please only support if you can afford it, we're all struggling these days, and a tiny donation or a few kind words on twitter mean just as much to me as a subscription. I don't want anybody to feel an obligation to donate, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work on my writing at all, and I just hope you find value in the work I'm putting out.

Thank you,
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