Goof Zone

Goof Zone 4: Winners Don't Melt Steel Beams

It's here, at last, episode 4 of the Goof Zone! It's been a rocky summer for us, with the equipment breakages preventing us from hitting the schedule that we want to. If you want to help out with that, then there's one week left to donate to my gofundme.

The episode itself is our lightest time yet, which isn't saying much considering how intense our opening episodes have been. We talk about adulthood milestones, and how we measure ourselves against them, and whether there's any value in that. But mostly, we just find ourselves unable to stop talking about 9/11 and Ronald Reagan.

Content Warnings: it's a light month, there's talk about anxiety and loneliness, but nothing too intense.

Music This Episode
Stars Of The Lid - Don't Bother They're Here
Squeeze - Up The Junction
The Mountain Goats - No Children
My Chemical Romance - Vampire Money

Goof Zone 3: Mister Fight Club

It's been four weeks since episode 2 of the Goof Zone, for which we apologise greatly! In fact, this was recorded a couple weeks ago, but I've been unable to edit it due to my computer breaking. If you want to help Goof Zone get on a regular schedule, and help fund my other writing, please check out the Go Fund Me I'm running:

The episode itself is a talk about ways in which we hold onto our sense of self when the times get particularly tough. It's a great episode, we're hitting our stride, and hopefully we'll be able to see you in two weeks! Please donate!

Songs this week:

  • Mustache Man (Wasted) by Cake
  • Army by Ben Folds Five
  • Daydream by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Cotopaxi by The Mars Volta

Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, Isolation, Self-Destructive Attitudes to Self Help

Goof Zone 2: Low Uterus

Welcome to the Goof Zone!

For the second episode, we're talking about anxiety in public, and the coping mechanisms we employ to get through any difficult situations. But as well as the real talk, there are goofs once more, the Saga Of Linkin Park continuing again, and ridiculous voices abound. It's a great second episode to a cool podcast that we want to be funny, informative, and helpful to any fellow folk dealing with Mental Illness every day.

We still don't have the website set up, monetary problems are making us wait, but for now you can listen here, and if you want to subscribe, you can subscribe on iTunes!:

Content Warnings: Anxiety, Depression, Social Anxiety, Therapy

Goof Zone 1: I've Heard Eighth Wave Ska, For I Am The Lord

Welcome, one and all, from far and from wide, to the first instalment of the Goof Zone. It's a new podcast from myself and Destiny Sturdivant about Mental Health and general silliness. This episode serves as a sort of untested pilot for the show, it's loose and introductory, and we're still getting the bearings on what we want the Goof Zone to actually be. But such is the way when starting anything new! 

A new show will be posted fortnightly, our aim is to build an inclusive and safe space to discuss mental illness, depression, anxiety, and the ways we get through the day. Hopefully it'll end up a funny and helpful show that makes everybody feel less alone <3.

The show doesn't have its own website or podcast feed yet, we're setting lots of things up on the back end, but for now it'll rest on this blog, and if you want to Subscribe on iTunes then click here for the complete feed of the podcasts on this website!

Content Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts, Grief, Loneliness and Bullying.