Goof Zone 4: Winners Don't Melt Steel Beams

It's here, at last, episode 4 of the Goof Zone! It's been a rocky summer for us, with the equipment breakages preventing us from hitting the schedule that we want to. If you want to help out with that, then there's one week left to donate to my gofundme.

The episode itself is our lightest time yet, which isn't saying much considering how intense our opening episodes have been. We talk about adulthood milestones, and how we measure ourselves against them, and whether there's any value in that. But mostly, we just find ourselves unable to stop talking about 9/11 and Ronald Reagan.

Content Warnings: it's a light month, there's talk about anxiety and loneliness, but nothing too intense.

Music This Episode
Stars Of The Lid - Don't Bother They're Here
Squeeze - Up The Junction
The Mountain Goats - No Children
My Chemical Romance - Vampire Money