Goof Zone 3: Mister Fight Club

It's been four weeks since episode 2 of the Goof Zone, for which we apologise greatly! In fact, this was recorded a couple weeks ago, but I've been unable to edit it due to my computer breaking. If you want to help Goof Zone get on a regular schedule, and help fund my other writing, please check out the Go Fund Me I'm running:

The episode itself is a talk about ways in which we hold onto our sense of self when the times get particularly tough. It's a great episode, we're hitting our stride, and hopefully we'll be able to see you in two weeks! Please donate!

Songs this week:

  • Mustache Man (Wasted) by Cake
  • Army by Ben Folds Five
  • Daydream by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Cotopaxi by The Mars Volta

Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, Isolation, Self-Destructive Attitudes to Self Help