Abnormal Mapping 11: The Quantic Dreamcast

This month is a special month, as we're joined by special guest Destiny Sturdivant of the Badland Girls for not only our first guest third chair but also our longest episode ever! Deciding to double our pleasure, double our fun, we take a dive into the duo of Quantic Dream games for the Playstation 3—Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. We go deep on both games, both mechanically and in their many storytelling successes and failures. It's a doozy, but I can sincerely say this is our best episode yet, so it's worth the movie-length runtime! Please enjoy, and we'll be back next month for more regular inanity in this show notes space!

Destiny Sturdivant is a podcaster and comedian, you can find her on twitter or on BadlandGirls.com!

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Games Discussed This Month

Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls

Next Month's Game Club

Planescape: Torment

Music in This Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Painful Memories by Normand Corbeil
Jodie's Theme by Lorne Balfe & Hans Zimmer
Lost Cause by Ellen Page
New Angels of Promise (Omikron The Nomad Soul ver.) by David Bowie