Goof Zone 1: I've Heard Eighth Wave Ska, For I Am The Lord

Welcome, one and all, from far and from wide, to the first instalment of the Goof Zone. It's a new podcast from myself and Destiny Sturdivant about Mental Health and general silliness. This episode serves as a sort of untested pilot for the show, it's loose and introductory, and we're still getting the bearings on what we want the Goof Zone to actually be. But such is the way when starting anything new! 

A new show will be posted fortnightly, our aim is to build an inclusive and safe space to discuss mental illness, depression, anxiety, and the ways we get through the day. Hopefully it'll end up a funny and helpful show that makes everybody feel less alone <3.

The show doesn't have its own website or podcast feed yet, we're setting lots of things up on the back end, but for now it'll rest on this blog, and if you want to Subscribe on iTunes then click here for the complete feed of the podcasts on this website!

Content Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts, Grief, Loneliness and Bullying.