Goof Zone 7: Creativity Week

We welcome back the Goof Zone for another beautiful month, as Jackson and Destiny at last have their Creativity Conversation! Come inside for a talk about how to balance creative drive with mental illness, the reasons our hosts are driven to create, and how to express creativity healthily.

This episode gets into some of our most intense subject matter, however it’s all handled in an open and positive way, this is Real Talk in as safe a space as possible!

If you want to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, the combined feed for all of Jackson’s casts is here, and one day Goof Zone will have its own feed. We really promise.

Content Warning: Death, Resentment, Depression, Anger, Fatalism

Music Used
The Mountain Goats – Sax Rohmer #1
The Velvet Underground – I Found A Reason
The One AM Radio – Heat Lightning
Coheed and Cambria – The Suffering