Abnormal Mapping 1: The First Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of Abnormal Mapping, a new monthly podcast about video games! We’re not games press, so we’re not going to be talking about new releases or industry news, but instead looking at specific games with a critical eye. This means that we’ll be freely talking spoilers for any of the games listed in the description, rather than discussing them in a review context.

This week we’re talking about DmC — Ninja Theory’s 2013 reboot of the franchise — how it mechanically relates to other games of the genre, the roles and limits of narrative within Ninja Theory’s games, and the importance of art and animation. Also: our personal relationship with video games over the years, and we invite our friend Callum (@CallumPetch) over to argue about the effectiveness of Gunpoint.

We hope you enjoy, and come back next month for the second edition of Abnormal Mapping - Pokemon X and Y.

Abnormal Mapping is: host Matthew Marko (@litrock on Twitter) and co-host Jackson Tyler (@headfallsoff on Twitter).

Games For This Month
DmC: Devil May Cry

Theme music - Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod