Game Gallery: SpillTender

Game Gallery makes its triumphant return! I haven’t quite yet decided on the final format of these going forward, but my aim is to tie them into Altgames & Introspection posts when that gets up and going again, it’s all a matter of how much time I have to work on everything. But today, enjoy me reacting to SpillTender by Reptoid Games, a game where you play an evening in the life of a Bartender with questionable technique.

It’s really cool and worth checking out yourself, you can get it on right here.

Cities Skylines: The Many Lives Of Luton Town

Jackson loves the idea of City Building games, but often finds them overwhelming in practice. He one day wants to build a great metropolis, beautiful and sprawling, but knows there will be but many failed attempts along the road to greatness. So please sit down, stay a while, as we witness... The Many Lives Of Luton Town.

This is a series which will run intermittently, I'm going to revisit it between other Let's Plays, and have a bunch of fun playing Cities Skylines! I hope you all e

Let's Play: Resident Evil HD

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Video Game? Well, Jackson is, that’s for damn sure. But you can join him! He’s not played a horror game before, and he’s jumping in with the remake of Resident Evil, which has freaked him out so much that he doesn’t know why he’s writing so insistently in third person.

Please, enjoy this Let’s Play, I’m definitely suffering to make it, but I hope my suffering brings some pleasure on your behalf. I am a big baby, just waiting for a dog to jump out of a wall.

Morning Mario: Super Mario Bros. 3

After a technologically enforced delay, Morning Mario has returned for all to enjoy once more! After spending many a week in the hell that was Super Mario Bros. 2, Jackson has emerged to tackle the far more approachable Super Mario Bros. 3! It controls like a Mario game, it behaves like a Mario game, it is something to be understood and, eventually, beaten.

But how quickly will it fall? How high will it raise its walls and how far will Jackson have to climb this time? Only as the days go by will we have our answer. Tune in every morning for the triumphant, ongoing return, of the Morning Mario

Elgato Test: Ninja Gaiden Black

First thing's first: thank you to all the folks who donated to and shared around my GoFundMe! The funds were invaluable in allowing me to replace my equipment, and I'm now all set up to play PC games and record videos one more. I'm super excited for what I'm going to be able to make for you all, so stay tuned for the return of Morning Mario on Monday, the return of Altgames & Introspection in a couple of weeks, and many more projects to follow.

As part of this, I picked up an Elgato Game Capture, which means I can capture console games. Or, at least I can capture console games which run unprotected through HDMI; I haven't yet tested the PS3's component cable workaround but when I do I'll let everyone know and if that works we're good to go.

For now, enjoy this short test video of the first level of Ninja Gaiden Black, and I'll be back with some new videos in the next few weeks.


Some smart people made the incredibly brilliant decision to give Rocket League away to everyone with PS+, because I'd never have actually purchased the game; I'm way too poor to go buying multiplayer games just because they get big on twitter. 

But luckily, Rocket League came to me, and it turned out to be fucking amazing, I've been spending nights in skype calls just playing matches with people, the kind of attitude to multiplayer games I haven't had since my Halo days in 2008. It's this game of beautiful chaos, in which things are always going wrong and going right in equal measure and the only choice you have is to just go.

I uploaded a a set of three matches between me and Dylan (@dylasch), which show off how the game works and how I'm bad at it. 1v1 Rocket League is definitely a strange beast compared to its more populated sister game modes, and the matches got super intense at points! WHO'S GONNA WIN? WHO'S IT GONNA BEEEEEEEEEEE?

Let's Play Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

A Long Time Ago, On A Computer Far Far Away…



There were stars, and amongst them wars were fought. These wars came to be known eons later are STAR WARS, and their fictional recreations were important cultural icons in the late 20th century.

Like many popular works of entertainment, they were adapted into various VIDEO GAMES. One such re-told the re-telling in the form of LEGO, purchasable building blocks from the country of Denmark.

In the year 2015, young apprentice Jackson Tyler set out to watch these movies of cultural import, and discuss them whilst moving through the Lego inspired pantomime. Jackson raises his controller and sits in his chair, determined to find out whether even the younglings survive…


Let's Play: Broken Age Act Two

Way back last year, I Let’s Played the first act of Broken Age. Now Act Two has been released, and I’m here to finish the job. It’ll be a slightly more substantial Let’s Play just in terms of the size of the game; the second half is a lot longer then the first. Also, it contains about 200% more of me being confused at adventure games.

Act Two begins at Episode 10, the embed seems to be poor at remembering that.