Waiting Room

I had a bad summer, had a bad year, too
So headed to the Doctor to see what he could do
He said Jackson, I’m impressed, you’ve been in such distress
And somehow still progressed through your unhappiness
So let me take some tests, let me further assess
Your situation, your choices, you tell me what’s best

I said, why that sounds great, that’s such a relief
I thought this would hurt, but you’ve changed that belief
You’ve saved me such grief, I thought at the time
In weeks, I would know just how much he was lying

While sitting, shaking, in a waiting room
My body aching, my mind breaking
They’d asked me some questions, they thought I was faking
Then boom! A sound had arrived
Pricked us in the heart, made us want to cry
We looked to each other as if to ask why
These people who help us want us all to die
A radio sat in the middle of the room
They found a happy song and cranked the volume
It formed a vacuum and we started to choke
Was this meant to be funny, some kind of a joke
We were all broken people with brains just like mine
No one wanted to hear Walking On Sunshine

But then it happened, they called her name
And through the frame we all saw the same thing
We saw what laid waiting, some messed up Asylum
White walls and restraints in a place made of pain
Did they think us insane?
What were we to gain? How were we to heal?
Were we to know, in the present, these places were real?
What did they think any one of us would feel?
Did they really expect her to come to their heel?

She stood from her chair, walked firm and walked slow
Turned back to the room, so that we would all know
She did it for us, an unspoken alliance
And then she began her act of defiance
Right then they were on her, they dragged her away
They could not let her stay in the light of the day
She’d made a disgrace, she’d caused quite a scene
Been rowdy and obscene, yet looked so serene
As she at last disappeared behind the dark screen
We smiled, we cheered, we crowned her our queen
She had lifted the radio, smashed it on the floor
The silence then came with a deafening roar
It cracked into pieces she refused to pick up
And with her last she yelled, “will you shut the fuck up?!”