Elgato Test: Ninja Gaiden Black

First thing's first: thank you to all the folks who donated to and shared around my GoFundMe! The funds were invaluable in allowing me to replace my equipment, and I'm now all set up to play PC games and record videos one more. I'm super excited for what I'm going to be able to make for you all, so stay tuned for the return of Morning Mario on Monday, the return of Altgames & Introspection in a couple of weeks, and many more projects to follow.

As part of this, I picked up an Elgato Game Capture, which means I can capture console games. Or, at least I can capture console games which run unprotected through HDMI; I haven't yet tested the PS3's component cable workaround but when I do I'll let everyone know and if that works we're good to go.

For now, enjoy this short test video of the first level of Ninja Gaiden Black, and I'll be back with some new videos in the next few weeks.