Some smart people made the incredibly brilliant decision to give Rocket League away to everyone with PS+, because I'd never have actually purchased the game; I'm way too poor to go buying multiplayer games just because they get big on twitter. 

But luckily, Rocket League came to me, and it turned out to be fucking amazing, I've been spending nights in skype calls just playing matches with people, the kind of attitude to multiplayer games I haven't had since my Halo days in 2008. It's this game of beautiful chaos, in which things are always going wrong and going right in equal measure and the only choice you have is to just go.

I uploaded a a set of three matches between me and Dylan (@dylasch), which show off how the game works and how I'm bad at it. 1v1 Rocket League is definitely a strange beast compared to its more populated sister game modes, and the matches got super intense at points! WHO'S GONNA WIN? WHO'S IT GONNA BEEEEEEEEEEE?