Abnormal Mapping 30: Doctor Walker, Texas Medicine Woman

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A silent choice rode the winds that day, its currents bearing only two words, of which only one could remain. "Squid," it said, "or Kid?" Matthew snapped awake in sweats, knowing only one thing. This choice would not consume him, this choice would not win. And with one press of the enter key, he recruited his friend into his cause. They drove to their shops, and plugged in their Wii Us, and strove for a third option that they knew did not exist. They would be neither Squid nor Kid, and yet they would be both at the same time.

Matthew's article about Mario 2 and Jackson's endeavours is up and you can read it here!

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Things Discussed: Darth Vader comicMatch 3 PodcastThe Giant BeastcastAustin Walker hired at Giant BombLess Than JakeLinkin ParkBlink 182, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Morning Marioour episode on Link to the Pastthe ending of ZardozPOTUS in bicycle accidentMambo No. 5The Magic NumberOne is the Loneliest NumberJust the Two of Us, Splatoon, AmiiboWWE Pay Per Views, Halo, Fire Emblem, PT, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Pre-Rendered Backgrounds, Asura's Wrath, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur 2, Crazy Taxi, The Offspring.

June's Game Club Game: Tony Hawk's Project 8

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Final Boss (Squid Sisters Ver.) by Toru MinegishiShiho Fujii
Splatoon Commercial Music by Unknown