Let's Play: Batman Arkham Asylum

With this LP, I’m going to be doing something a little different. Instead of my reactions to a game that I’ve never played before, I’m revisiting a game I’ve both played and enjoyed, which gives this Let’s Play a far more critical tone to it. It’s not quite a Let’s Crit (for an example of those, please check out Heather Alexandra), but it’s at least a more analytical approach, and I think you’ll find this series really interesting!

Batman: Arkham Asylum is the 2009 game by Rocksteady, the first in the Arkham series, and it’s pretty excellent. The series, in my opinion, immediately went entirely to crap in the second game, and according to Matt it fell into the depths of hell by its third instalment. I’m gonna look at what made that first game so special, so we can better understand what went so wrong.

The episode art was done by Matt, and it is excellent! Here is the high res version for those that would like it (omg look at how cute I am):