Abnormal Mapping 13: Skeletal Trust Issues

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The day they thought would never happen is finally here. The clockwork machinery of the gods themselves rolled away and revealed a blinding light, from which poured a host of a host of creatures both fair and foul. All of that number were beyond mortal understanding, but they all cried out with a single human voice: YOU WERE WRONG, MATTHEW. And so it was, that as the seas boiled and the sun and moon reversed their paths through the firmament, did these two Mappers set out to admit this final damning truth, even if the planes be rent asunder forever and all lives both player-driven and peripheral be cast into the deepest of voids. Such is the One True Cast.

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This Month's Game

Planescape: Torment

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Music in This Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Deionarra's Theme by Mark Morgan and Richard Band
Fall-From-Grace's Theme by Mark Morgan and Richard Band
Opening Theme by Mark Morgan and Richard Band