About Me

Hey! I'm Jackson! 

I'm a writer and podcaster from London, UK. For the most part of the last couple years, I've been putting out podcasts, articles and Let's Plays on Abnormal Mapping, a really great website featuring accessible games criticism.

But being completely immersed in games culture is a bad way to do anything, including write about video games, and this website is to allow me to branch out a little more. It'll serve as an archive for all of my critical work, and a place for me to collate any and all creative work that I do!

I realise, coming to the end of this about me page, I have managed to write relatively little about me, which is probably poor website form. So here's a few facts:

  • My favourite character on The West Wing is Toby.
  • I've been writing for multiple decades! I'm only barely beginning to be good. It's been a long road.
  • In 2014, I received a Diploma of Higher Education in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University. I got a Merit! Go me!
  • The one skill I have in life is my ability to play the drums. I'm a better drummer than I am anything else.
  • I like to imbue my writing with personal, often confessional stories about Mental Health.
  • In 2015, I'm heading to Kingston University to study Film Studies/Creative Writing. 
  • I haven't deleted my Facebook yet, but I damn well should.

That's enough about me. I'll go home happy if you enjoy just one sentence I write.

Jackson <3